General Transport

The general transport conveyor is designed to move baggage quickly through today’s intricate airport configurations.  Generally unseen by the public, these conveyors smoothly and reliably transport baggage through the terminal to make-up units for destination batches.  Stand alone, or combined with power curves and sortation devices, baggage can travel effectively and efficiently to meet or […]

Miscellaneous Conveyors

Gravity Roller Conveyor Gravity Roller Conveyor: Gravity roller conveyors are an alternative means of conveying baggage and are typically used in the following situations: As a make-up device where space is at a minimum and / or volumes are low. As a baggage overflow collector conveyor. As a temporary conveying solution when existing systems are […]

Electrical Controls

G&S Airport Conveyor believes that a comprehensive conveyor control system is vital to a reliable and efficient automated baggage system. Whether a system is newly installed or is integrated with existing equipment, our controls group works closely with our customers to design and build a conveyor control system matching client requirements.

Auxiliary Equipment

Guardrail G&S Airport Conveyor’s distinct ergonomically friendly guardrail provides durable, rugged protection for exposed sections of any conveyor system. The flexible, modular design allows the guardrail to closely follow the contour of typical conveyor configurations. Our unique modular system provides a narrow profile guardrail that positions baggage handlers closer to conveyors than typical guardrail configurations. […]

Sortation Devices

Single Paddle Diverter (SPD) The SPD sortation device is a gentle and efficient means of diverting baggage in airport baggage screening systems. The SPD redirects baggage effectively from the main line to a secondary line by means of a vertically oriented single paddle conveyor that is designed to pivot towards a discharge chute, forming a […]

Carousels / Baggage Claim

Slope Plate The slope plate conveyor is a high capacity, sloping-face, baggage conveyor which features a number of overlapping flites that are linked together, providing an endless, re-circulating conveyor surface. This unit is suitable for baggage claim and / or baggage make-up functions in high-density airports. Pallet Loop The pallet loop conveyor features a recirculating […]

Check-in Solutions

The check-in conveyor is ideal for transferring outbound baggage efficiently and effectively from the public ticket-counter area to airside operations. Designed with workplace ergonomics and aesthetics in mind, this low profile conveyor can either be manually loaded as a standalone unit, or automatically fed when integrated with any number of scale conveyor combinations. The check-in […]