General Transport

The general transport conveyor is designed to move baggage quickly through today’s intricate airport configurations.  Generally unseen by the public, these conveyors smoothly and reliably transport baggage through the terminal to make-up units for destination batches.  Stand alone, or combined with power curves and sortation devices, baggage can travel effectively and efficiently to meet or exceed the demands of any airport.

The design of the G&S Airport Conveyor General Transport conveyor meets or exceeds all industry standards.  The modular component design allows for complete flexibility and versatility in meeting the needs of simple baggage transfers through to complex bomb-detection and sortation systems.

The modular components consist of a drive section, one or more slider bed modules, and a tail section.  To accommodate changes in elevation, a standard angle knuckle module can be added.  General transport conveyors can transfer bags both horizontally and on inclines or declines up to 23°.  Each component is painted or powder coated in a machine grey color.  The resulting finish exhibits exceptional durability and appearance.