Carousels / Baggage Claim

Slope Plate

The slope plate conveyor is a high capacity, sloping-face, baggage conveyor which features a number of overlapping flites that are linked together, providing an endless, re-circulating conveyor surface. This unit is suitable for baggage claim and / or baggage make-up functions in high-density airports.

Pallet Loop

The pallet loop conveyor features a recirculating loop of crescent shaped pallets inked together, providing an endless, articulating conveyor surface which can be configured to many shapes.

Normally operating at a speed of 90 feet per minute, Baggage claim conveyors are capable of traveling in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. Loading of the unit can be achieved by feeding baggage from above or below the center of the device at any point along the upper perimeter of the conveying surface. Manufactured with durable materials, finished to the highest standards, and complimented with leading-edge mechanical and electrical components, this robust and reliable design meets or exceeds all industry standards.