Auxiliary Equipment


G&S Airport Conveyor’s distinct ergonomically friendly guardrail provides durable, rugged protection for exposed sections of any conveyor system. The flexible, modular design allows the guardrail to closely follow the contour of typical conveyor configurations.

Our unique modular system provides a narrow profile guardrail that positions baggage handlers closer to conveyors than typical guardrail configurations. Also, the protective barrier is designed so all components can be easily removed and replaced.

Each section of the guardrail is comprised of heavy gauge 8” (203mm) channel horizontal members and vertical supports constructed from 4” (102mm) schedule 40 pipe.

Fire / Security Doors

Fire and security doors normally consist of a motorized, roll-up, shutter-type steel door, and are typically installed in two locations:

  • Where baggage conveyors pass through wall openings between public and nonpublic areas, requiring a partition to maintain airport security.
  • Where baggage conveyors pass through fire-rated walls.

Manufactured in various heights and widths, these doors are available in stainless, primed or galvanized steel finish. Fire and security doors are typically integrated with conveyor operations, sequenced to open and close as conveyors start and stop, ensuring airport security and / or fire-protection when not in service.

Draft Curtains

Draft curtains are typically mounted in wall openings where baggage conveyors pass from public areas to non-public areas.

Two rows of overlapping, black vinyl strips are fixed to the top of the wall opening using a metal frame. This arrangement allows baggage to pass through easily, while obscuring public view into air-side operations and preventing airflow exchange between the two areas.

Draft curtains are a necessary barrier in typical conveyor operations that provide a pleasing aesthetic finish to public-viewed wall openings.