Miscellaneous Conveyors

Gravity Roller Conveyor

Gravity Roller Conveyor: Gravity roller conveyors are an alternative means of conveying baggage and are typically used in the following situations:

  • As a make-up device where space is at a minimum and / or volumes are low.
  • As a baggage overflow collector conveyor.
  • As a temporary conveying solution when existing systems are down for replacement or refurbishing.

Gravity roller conveyors consist of freewheeling, low-friction rollers which allow baggage to be fully supported, and still remain free to roll along the conveyor. Typically installed with a minimum angle of decline, baggage travels the length of conveyor using only gravity and baggage momentum.

Manufactured in standard 5’-0” (1524mm) and 10’-0” (3048mm) lengths, these conveyor beds are also available in custom lengths. Side guards are optional. Gravity roller conveyors are simple, low-cost alternatives that require minimum maintenance.

Custom Inspection Conveyor

The customs inspections conveyor is a unique, ergonomically designed conveyor that is intended to serve as an automated means of advancing, inspecting and clearing passenger baggage through customs, immigration and agriculture check points.

Each unit is designed so that baggage can be opened and physically inspected by officers on the conveyor. Also, a flat-deck area, located at the end of the unit, serves as a location for opened baggage to be repacked.

Tapered Roller Assemblies

Tapered roller assemblies are an alternative means of transferring baggage through minor angular changes in flow, without affecting the orientation of the baggage relative to the conveying surface. These are commonly used to minimize the gap between two adjacent skewed conveyors, or to span a deviation angle that is less than power curves are capable of.