TSIF Project Narrative

TSIF Washington, DC February 2009


In early 2008 design firm Vic Thompson Company began working on a proposal for a test facility for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in Washington, DC. Shortly thereafter, Vic Thompson Company partnered with G&S Airport Conveyor to propose a turnkey, explosive detection system. The project was titled the Transportation Security Integration Facility (TSIF). Vic Thompson Company’s role was to design the system and administer the project; while G&S was to be responsible for the manufacturing, mechanical installation, electrical wiring, and the associated controls work. The two companies completed the proposal and submitted it to the TSA. It was presented as a design build project with Vic Thompson Company and G&S Airport Conveyor as the team.

The project was officially awarded in April 2008 and subsequently the first coordination meeting was held in Dallas in May 2008. At that stage, G&S Airport Conveyor contracted Brock Solutions for the design and controls architecture for the CBSS (Checked Baggage Screening System).

Scheduling and coordination began, followed by the design and drawings for the project. Upon approval, G&S started manufacturing. Components such as check-in conveyors, general transport conveyors, queue conveyors, sortation devices, observation decks, crossovers, and catwalk were all manufactured by G&S Airport Conveyor, with the exception of four other diverter manufacturers that were integrated into the CBSS.

Vic Thompson Company began preparing for the installation with renovation to the building utilizing a general contractor. When the building renovations were under way, G&S Airport Conveyor’s installation crew arrived on site along with their first shipment of equipment.

In early August, the installation officially began. By mid August, the electrical subcontractor began wiring conveyor motors and devices.

The factory acceptance test was held at Brock’s headquarters in Kitchener, Ontario in late September. After a few minor changes to the software’s screen shots, the controls were ready to send to site.

By October, Brock Solutions arrived on site and began the commissioning and testing of the Checked Baggage Screening System. While the mechanical and electrical installation were wrapping up, the Site Specific Test Plan (SSTP) commenced. In early December, the SSTP was complete. At that time, TSA, with their independent auditors began testing and accepting the system.

Substantial completion and acceptance was completed on December 17th, 2008 as per original contract documentation and schedule. During the week of January 5th, 2009, Jim Goertz, president of G&S Airport Conveyor, conducted the operational and maintenance training, thus bringing final completion and acceptance to the project. The project was completed on time and budget.


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